Wednesday, April 21, 2010

National College of Science and Technology

I last attended my college schooling back in 2003 and this year I finally have the opportunity to continue my studies. For two years I was an Adamsonian, but this time I am now with National College of Science and Technology or NCST.

I just enrolled yesterday, I have no idea yet if the school will offer the same quality education as what Adamson University offered to me. One main reason why I transferred to a college school is the accessibility of NCST to my hometown Cavite and to my internet shop where I do business. Other than these, I also heard some positive feedback about the school. Fact is, this is the school where my bestfriend finished his two years of Associate in Computer Technology before he took up his 4 year B.S Education in Philippine Christian University. He told me that the professors here are very diligent, dependable and has exceptional teaching skills.

I am also happy because they almost credit all my units earned in my previous school. For this semester, I only have 18 units to take ( but I am planning to add 3 more subjects ) and this only cost 14,000php. The uniforms are white barong and midnight blue pants, and I paid less than 500 pesos if I remember it right. 

I also noticed that the school environment are very nice, they also have friendly students assistants, school personnels and admissions staff. 

By the way, here are the course offerings of National College of Science and Technology : 

Ched Programs

B.S in Computer Science
B.S in Information Technology
B.S in Computer Engineering
B.S in Industrial Engineering
B.S in Electronics and Communications Engineering
B.S in Architecture
AB Communication ( the course I am taking up )
AB Psychology
B.S in Customs Administration
B.S in Criminology
B.S in Business Administration
B.S in Hotel and Restaurants Management
Bachelor in Secondary Education
B.S in Accountancy 

Two Year Ladderized Programs

Associate in Computer Technology
Associate in Office Management
Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management 

Tesda Programs

Certificate in Telecommunication and Broadband Technology
Certificate in Manufacturing Technology
Diploma in Production in Technology

Enrollment is now going on, for inquiries you may visit the NCST Admissions Office or call 046 416 6278. NCST main campus is located at Amatel Building Aguinaldo Highway DasmariƱas,Cavite.

I feel that I will enjoy my stay in NCST, I am looking forward to meet their best professors and of course, my new colleagues. For my blog readers, I will update you regarding my stay there once I started schooling. Promise.



  1. Wow, the tuition is not quite expensive! hmmm and they offer a lot of courses too. i hope that universities here in cagayan are like that too. thanks for the post?

  2. how much ba tuition fee nyo? bat di nyo pino'post sa website nyo yan.. pra nmn malaman namin kng magkanu ang whole semester namin.. i request for that.. i know maganda ang school na yan.. but we are requesting you to post the details... thanx!

  3. @anonymous im just an ab comm student of NCST, i took 18 units for this semester and my cash total is 13,254.82, installment charge is 999.95. it will be divided into 4: prelims, midterm, prefinals and finals, 3366.19 ang binabayad ko. =)

  4. How much is the tuition fee for BS Criminology?..

  5. HI ! Meron po ba kayong grade criteria? in B.S Architecture? magkano po ang tuition or the total cash for one sem.? thank you

  6. you should also post if how much is the tuition fee for every courses that you offered..thank you

  7. can anyone provide me the tuition fee for HRM, im planning to enroll in that school. please answer back, thank you in advance.

  8. How much is the tuition fee for BS Accountancy?

  9. I haven't experienced studying outside our town and I know that there are a lot of students like me out there but I guess that it is not that bad after all. Specially, the fact that I'm able to saved more money studying here and I don't have to pay any expensive apartments or dorms, and I can easily access all the things that I need cause I have them here in our house, and I think that the lessons are just all the same.
    Right now I'm studying on a computer college here in Bataan,

  10. I'm also taking abcomm here at ncst and fortunately, I'm on my third year second sem. It is a nice deed that you advertise our school and our course. I commend you for this blog.

  11. i was planning to continue my ab comm arts course sa school na yan.. :) mag kano po ang tuition..

  12. NCST is Very Nice School ! Tuition fees are ranging from 19,000-21,000 (if you are regular) We compute our tuition fee and the result is 500+ per unit. very affordable ! Very Nice Facilities and Educators!

  13. Accountancy student ako dito , tuition ko is 20K , Including tuition and miscellaneous

  14. maganda ba ang turo ng accountancy sa ncst?

  15. magkano po ung tuition for automotive? thankyou po..