Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Bad Experience in Chowking

Chowking is a well known chinese restaurant in the Philippines. Well known for it's halo-halo special, chowfan, siopao etc. You can buy a chinese food here for as low as 49.00 pesos.

But I had a bad experience dining in this restaurant, the one in Pacific Star Building Makati. I don't have any complaints about the food that they serve, Well in fact Chowking Meals are one of my favorites. But this is not about the food, this is about the service.

What happened was me and my friends waited too long, more than 15 minutes to get our meals. We were really starving that time, we really needed to have our meal done as quick as possible because we were just given a 30 minute break by our boss. I was working that time in E-performax. My colleague who was very confrontational and outspoken really approached the manager and told them that the service is really slow. In all fairness, the manager did apologize for the inconvenience.

Another worst scenario, when the food was served, we were surprised because that was not the food we ordered. My colleagues and me got upset and just asked to refund us the money.

This was the first time happened to me in Chowking specifically at this branch. This branch also does not have a clean area, there are lot of flies and the ac was not on.

Because of this bad experience we stopped dining in this branch of Chowking.



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