Friday, April 30, 2010

The Jejemon

No, I am not pertaining to the popular animated series when I say Jejemon. Rather this is just another craze in the Philippines and is one of the hottest topic according to google and yahoo trends. What about this jejemon and who are they ?
I was listening to love radio 90.7 two days ago and heard Dj Chris Tsuper and Dj Nicolehiyala talking about the Jejemon. And that funny conversation gave me a clear view about what Jejemons is. 

To explain this further, looking in the illustration above, you will have a hint about Jejemon phenomenon. Yes, it is simply pertaining to people who making a simple message into complicated one by adding some characters, using different font styles, seems like a new word but pronounce in the same way. This is commonly use by some in texting, chatting and yes, posting blurbs in social networking sites. 

Though I am not one of the Jejemons, I have no bad comment about them as long as they enjoy on what they are doing. Well, they are still harmless although it is really a pain when you saw how they spell's really hard to understand.

How about you ? What are your views about the Jejemons ? Feel free to post your comments and share this post to others.

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