Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gatsby Wax Yellow

Last week, my friend asked my opinion on what he can do about his hair  to look shiny without spending too much in a salon. He feels uncomfortable on his dry hair, this also makes him feel insecure with others who have shiny hairs. And honestly, this is really affecting his self confidence.

I told him to use Gatsby Wax. I am using Gatsby Wax ( the one in yellow jar ) when I have some outdoor activities. I prefer to use it than any other hair styling creams because this is the only one that makes my hair look naturally shiny and always in style. (Hence, I am not recommending any other Gatsby Wax  than just the one in yellow jar if you want to have a natural wet look effect on your hair). This will be a perfect remedy for my friend's hair and  will surely makes his hair look better.

He followed my advice about using Gatsby Wax yellow. Many of our friends notice that he looks stunning than before. His shiny hair makes him look younger and  better.  He thanked me for the recommendation and treat me a big snack. I beamed. 

By the way, a regular jar of Gatsby Wax Yellow will just cost less than 100.00 pesos and is available in Watson, Mercury Drugstores and other well know groceries and pharmacies.



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