Sunday, April 25, 2010

Face to Face " Talakserye" with Amy Perez

I am a big fan of this Face to Face talk show with Amy Perez. Believe it or not this show is far different from what you usually see in Philippine television during noontime. This show which is tagged as " First Talakserye" is really intriguing.

The concept of the show is unique, real people with some issues that they need to argue about in face of the camera ; neighbors who fought because of gossips, lovers who quarreled because of third party, gays who turned enemies because of beauty contest and what not. Yes, simple issues that turned into something big and  complicated.  I guess this is the spice of this show. Added to that, the host of the show which is Amy Perez is very professional and very fair in handling two sides of the stories. She also acts as a guardian trying to make both camps agreed on one thing ; to forgive and to forget. But when both camps clash , there are Bouncers to stopped the quarrel. I also love the portion where they have resident attorney to explain some legalities about a sensitive topic, also a psychologist and sociologist are present in the show.

Hence, it would be better that this show can be watch during late primetime than in noontime slot. I guess, kids are still at home during 10:30 am, this show is too harsh for younger kids to watch. Nevertheless, the show has a perfect ingredients for all walks of life. Two thumbs up for TV 5.



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