Saturday, April 3, 2010

Expedia Travel Specialist Job

Are you planning to work in a travel industry? Perhaps,you may want to consider being a travel specialist for Expedia. One of the largest online travel agency in the internet today.

Becoming a travel specialist for Expedia is very challenging. I know because this was my job for almost 4 months. I was trained in an offshore contact center here in the Philippines for almost 2 months. Together with my colleagues, we were taught to handle online bookings for flights, hotel reservations and vacation packages. Our job also does not end from there, we were also taught to handle phone calls about flight schedule changes, flight cancelation , refunds for hotel inconvenience to name a few.

It is not important if you don't have any work experience yet to get hired for this job. As long as you are willing to be trained and you are good in communication skills and multitasking, there is no reason why you can't be accepted.

But be prepared because this job is really tough. Supervisors measure your competence from how fast you can handle a single customer inquiry, quality of your calls and how you satisfy your customers.  Also keep in mind that you must be flexible in shifting schedules, fit to work during night time, and has a huge patience to handle at least 150 calls per 8 hour shift.

If you are really up to challenge, grab this opportunity. Being a travel specialist for Expedia is a job that pays well. Just do your job right and you will be paid right. And you will never know, this might also be your stepping stone for a better career in the future.



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