Friday, April 30, 2010

Chameleon Tom

Do you want to pimp your facebook profile ? Try Chameleon Tom ...hold your horses! Using their application is not a good idea. At first I thought that using their so called " Great Facebook Layout " can make my fb page a head turner but I was wrong. Rather I feel disappointed because it really does not work the way I want it to be. Nevertheless, using the Chameleon Tom application is a waste of time. And why do I say so?

First, it is imperative that you will install their plug- ins before you can change your facebook layout. And it will take time if you have a slow internet connection for sure. Why they can't make it easy like providing us html code to just copy and paste it to our fb page. Seems impossible I think. And secondly, why is it that we need to invite friends first to use this application before they can see our fb page change. Isn't it odd ? It should be instant that the user of this layout can show it to our friends even if they don't choose to use it. And besides, if my friends see my layout change for sure they will be thrill to use this application too. Isn't it?

I am trying to find other application that I can use to pimp my facebook page but I end up seeing the same banana. I think , there is really no way for now to change your facebook layout as easy as the old school friendster. Facebook is designed to be simple but very reliable compare to other social networking sites.

Now do you still want to change your facebook layout using Chameleon Tom application ? You've just read what I can say about it and it's now up to you to decide.

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