Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Paydotcom is an Alternative to Clickbank

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I am very grateful that I found this site. It is completely free to join and there is a lot of merchants product you can promote in the internet and earn money from it.

I found this site in the google search engine. I was trying then to find a complete alternative to clickbank since clickbank does not accept Philippines. That's how I found paydotcom.

One thing I like about paydotcom is the option of sending your earnings in paypal which clickbank doesn't have.

I already made two sales last september and I received the payment this November amounting to $49.50.

However Paydotcom has no control of the Merchant. What I mean, you are not to blame Paydotcom if you choose to promote a merchant that doesn't deliver or pay.

But in order for you to find trusted merchant affiliated in Paydotcom, I strongly suggest you to visit their forum regularly. Their you can find merchants and you can interact with them regularly. You can also check if the Merchant's capable of responding to your emails or if their contact phone number is working. That are the ways I can suggest to avoid being scammed by a Merchant.

I highly recommend this site to those people who want to earn money through promoting an online vendor's products. 

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