Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hearos Deep Sleep System Reviews

Product Name: Hearos Deep Sleep System

A wonderful way to get the perfect good night's sleep. The Hearos Deep Sleep System comes with a "total blackout" sleep mask, Sense of Sleep relaxing lotion, and two ear filters!This sleep system lets you immerse yourself in soothing serenity with a unique, super soft foam mask. Deep cavities allow for an "eyes open total blackout" effect. Adjust the strap to fit your custom needs. Just dab the specially formulated aromatherapy Sense of Sleep relaxing lotion on your wrists, back of the neck and temples for calming release. Use the two ear filters to reduce up to 32 decibels of noise.
Perfect when you're stressed or for situations where there is more noise than you can take when trying to get to sleep.
Where to Buy: Available in Triple Clicks store, offer worldwide shipping.

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The eye mask is better than ohers and 1/2 the priceon one I saw. I am happy with it.

The eye patch is very comfortable to wear through the night snd the aroma therapy is great!

Hearos Deep Sleep System lives up to its name and ensures deep,sound and undisturbed sleep for the user.The adjustable eye mask blocks out any light,as the user gets immersed in total blackout.The foam that accompanies this product acts as a rejuvenating agent.The face is totally relaxed and is readied for a soothing,relaxed feeling,so important for deep sleep.For all insomnia victims,a' must-buy' to get rid of those sleepless night blues!!!

Hearos Deep Sleep System is exactly what I was looking for, a complete blackout solution. Specifically, I've tried all earplugs made from all kinds of different materials and I recommend Hearos earplugs to anyone who finds earplugs uncomfortable; I didn't experience any pain or discomfort with their foam type earplugs.

This is intended as a gift; it hasn't been given yet. Beverly

Great product exactly what I expected.

Works well, especially if you work nights

It gets hot around the eyes shortly after it is placed over the eyes. Maybe it is because of the material from which it is made. Very uncomfortable to sleep with.

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