Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Illuminous White Collagen with Vitamin C 600mg Softgel Capsule

Are you looking for a supplement that can improve your skin, nails, teeth and bone connective tissues? Try this food supplement  Illuminous White Collagen with Vitamin C 600mg Softgel Capsule

Work your way to a radiantly healthier and balanced epidermis, bone fragments and joint parts while simultaneously growing the other wellness advantages of collagen. Each softgel capsule is filled with amino acid-rich material that forms the helping structure for connective cells in one's human body such as epidermis bone fragments and joint parts.

What is Collagen? 

Collagen is the most numerous material in your human body next to water and is critical to your wellness and well-being. Bovine collagen is the foundation for the lengthy run maintenance of your overall wellness. It allows to connect structures, muscle and joint parts. It not only allows keep epidermis soft and avoid it from wrinkles and dropping but keeps muscle tissue sleek and firm as well.

Illuminous White Collagen with Vitamin C 600 mg Softgel Capsule contains an effective mix of Hydolyzed Bovine collagen and vitamin C, this means greater consumption value as vitamin C allows one's human body procedure collagen. The addition of Supplement C as Ascorbyl Palmitate, which is a fat soluble anti-oxidant, is a greater effect as this can be saved in mobile walls until the demands of it. It is essential for collagen features.

Ascorbyl palmitate is the kind of Supplement C that is as effective as Supplement E in defending the epidermis from a key kind of toxic harm in the epidermis. It is also the only Supplement C compound that can sustain activity for a lengthy period.


Illuminous White Collagen with Vitamin C allows ease for discomfort that comes with ageing. It reduces oxidative harm to joint parts and thus promotes reduction of discomfort, inflammation and pain. It also enhances and restores muscular and enhances the control of the body fat. It also enhances epidermis, claws, locks, teeth, bone fragments and connective cells.

Anti-aging Qualities 

Our epidermis is consist of 75% collagen, as we age the collagen in our epidermis reduces the causing to facial collections, epidermis and muscular dropping start to develop. Illuminous White-colored collagen with Supplement C gets to the root of the problem successfully offering as much collagen as you need thus removing the need for shots or plastic operations.

Weight control 

If taken regularly, this can protect build and renew muscular and encourage one's human body to shed body fat.

Other advantages of Illuminous White-colored collagen 

Relieves discomfort and aches
Anti- inflammatory
Helps reduce oxidative harm to joints
Improves and restores muscular mass
Helps delay ageing (reduces facial collections, facial collections, stretch-marks, Fat, marks, enhances locks and nails) 
Helps protect from UV harm and fix of collective sun-induced ageing factors
Helps refresh, replenish and refresh the epidermis all over the body
Promotes greater power 
Benefits sleeping patterns
Aids in bodyweight management

Recommendable Dosage:

For grownups, take one softgel capsule or as advised by your doctor.


If pregnamt or breast feeding, seek advice from your doctor first before using this item.

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