Friday, September 27, 2013

TIGI Bed Head Manipulator Hair Putty

Be an Expert Manipulator and design your looks the way you want to. Get whacked-out hair – raise, perspective hates, go punk stone rock or even popular with the whole body and structure that TIGI Bed Head Manipulator Hair Putty.

Go for head switching whole body and structure. The manipulator does it all.

This TIGI Bed Hair Manipulator is a fibers developing creme that allows you to handle your hair while including quantity and structure.

The TIGI Bed Hair Manipulator Hair Putty performs best on short hair. Three to six inches wide is the most recommended hair duration and gives the best results. This hair putty is quite just like the regular hair gel but with much wider reliability.

Not only does it give you structure and design assistance, its grape perfume results in your  hair smell delightful.

How To Use 

Work a little bit through dry or wet hair, design and let the fun begin. Perform this fiber-forming lotion through fresh, wet or dry hair. The more you use, the more structure you get. It may also be used on wet hair strike dry or let dry normally.


Ozokerite - Makes texture
Petrolatum - Circumstances & moisturizes hair
PEG-150 Pentaerythrityl Tetrastearate - Thickens hair
PEG-45M - Thickens locks & makes a smooth feel

About TIGI

It's about development. Maintaining the art of hairdressing fresh and powerful. Controlling appearance and innovation.

Creative Intellect has led TIGI to create professional products - resources that motivate creativeness. Manufacturers that hair stylists and customers love. Maintaining it fresh and lively.

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