Friday, September 27, 2013

LG 42" HD Plasma TV

Innovative Phosphor

LG 42" HD Plasma TV  has obtained numerous prizes for its perfect shade duplication of unique pictures. With development of a new, advanced phosphor, the range of shade appearance has been significantly increased and enhanced, resulting in excellent shade precision over opponents.

600Hz Max

With 600 pictures per second, LG 42" HD Plasma TV offers the best and simplest pictures, even during fast movement.

Triple XD Engine

LG's latest and most innovative Multiple XD Motor brings the biggest level of quality in Color, Comparison, and Quality for the best image and performance.

Protective Skin Glass

The LG Plasma TV's Protective Skin Glass provides significant glass strength and safety, along with excellent image. Blade Frame.

The LG PLASMA TV has been highly identified as "the Globe's Thinnest Structure in Plasma TV." The slimmer bezel increases your watching, enabling you a more immersive visible encounter.

Smart Energy Preserving Plus

The Backlight Control operate manages the lighting of the TV. The Display off operate lets you change off the screen while keeping the audio or music in existence. Stand by Method Zero operate sets your TV to a power saving mode where zero power is used.

Intelligent Sensor

When the lighting condition in the room changes, Brilliant Indicator II adapts the image on-screen to let you fully encounter the appearance of the image.

Clear Speech 2.0

Clear Speech II instantly increases the audio of the human voice when background disturbance grows.


LG TVs are DivX qualified to perform DivX and DivX Plus HD (H.264/MKV) video up to 1080p HD. Enjoy various types of film segments through HD DivX.

USB 2.0

You can perform stored pictures and video clips from exterior storage space gadgets and record TV programs to exterior storage space gadgets. Immediate documenting and arranged documenting options are also possible.


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