Friday, June 28, 2013

Generika Drugstore Cash On The Spot

Today, I spotted this promotion from GENERIKA Drugstore and they have this income opportunity for everyone that for me is so easy to do ( I guess so...). What is this that I am talking about? 

GENERIKA Drugstore has this referral program for everyone ( employees or not) that you can earn as much as 15,000 pesos. There are two ways to earn that cash on the spot:

  1. Refer a location- if Generika Business Unit approved your proposal, they will pay you 15K cash. However there are things they consider for a good location: It should have high foot traffic, in a densely populated location, visible, and preferably near the terminals or ports. 
  2. Refer a Franchisee- The rule is simple, if you have a friend interested to franchise a generic drugstore, immediately shoot GENERIKA an email about it. If the agreement from your referred franchisee and GENERIKA was finalized. You'll get your cash reward of 15K.
Wow! Nice offer from GENERIKA. Would you like to try? Comment your review below about this program. If it works for you, maybe I'll try their refer a friend program too. 

Who is GENERIKA DRUGSTORE by the way? From the name itself, it is a pharmacy that sells Generic Drugs in the local market here in the Philippines.

REVIEW ABOUT THE STORE: Well ventilated compare to other drugstore with similar concept. Customer service is good as well. Price is comparable to other generic drugstore, almost the same. 

OVERALL RATING: 9 over 10 


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