Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tide With Freshness Of Downy

Tide With Freshness of Downy

Product Information as seen on wikipedia: Tide is a popular brand name of laundry detergent manufactured by Proctor and Gamble. This Tide contains Downy freshness to make your laundry clothes soft and fragrant.

T.V commercial as seen on youtube
Endorser: Vic Sotto

Review +

As seen on Xyzwyatt said Tide with freshness of Downy leaves freshness and softness on your laundries. Payton2u said it smells wonderful on clothes and absolute softness. Jade_lily mentioned it leaves a perfume scent on her clothes and it is awesome. 

Review -

As seen on Mediabaron wrote that this product causes him some allergic reaction like itching and it is so foamy that makes it difficult to rinse his clothes. Katopasna said that her clothes aren't soft as she expected and it creates too much suds. Donnie013 told washed clothes with the use of this product aren't soft enough for sensitive skin.


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