Sunday, August 19, 2012

Revicon Forte

Revicon Forte
"Batak na muscle para sa lakas na 'di umaayaw araw-araw"

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Revicon Forte is a multivitamin. It makes our muscle strong to sustained strength for our daily activities like work, exercise, physical activities etc. It is a multivitamin + mineral + amino acid. Revicon Forte is a yellow-orange, elliptical shaped, sugar coated tablet.

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Endorser: Robin Padilla

Positive Review from consumers:

From Ebizaspain as seen on reviewstream: The brand is amazing because it contains the main vitamins such as A,E and B complex. It fights fatigue. Revicon Forte is best design for men who are very athletic. A vitamin-stress-fighting indeed. Price is also cheap that you can buy one for only 4 pesos, no prescription needed.

From Revicon Forte contains amino acid which help sustain muscles and other vitamins that can boost muscle strength and endurance.

Negative Review from consumers: 

No negative reviews found but there are consumers asking if Revicon Forte is safe for pregnant woman?

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