Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts is a well known brand of donuts and is very popular in the Philippines. You can find a franchise of this business almost anywhere such as malls, sidewalks, convenience store etc.

Review From Consumers:

  1. Delicious donuts at a very affordable price
  2. I just love the Donuts and the fast service
  3. Not just the donuts, Dunkin Donut also offer coffee and beverages at its best. 
  4. Very good customer service, fast and accommodating service crews.
  5. I just love the new look of Dunkin Donut, big donuts and cool packaging
  6. You can smell the sweet donuts even if you're outside of the store, this proves Dunkin Donut is awesomely flavorful.
  7. Everybody loves dunkin donuts, if given a chance to franchise a store, I will choose this as a business
  8. Better than other brand of affordable donuts
  9. Boston Creme is flavorful. Bavarian donuts are lovable. Dunkin Donut is superbly delicious.
  10. Honestly, better than Mister Donut.


  1. parang wala na po ata dunkin donuts dito sa amin? hm.. nagclose na ata?