Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sodexo Premium Pass

I got a big lunch at Wendy's yesterday. Thanks to my Sodexo Premium Pass.

Sodexo is not your ordinary gift certificate, it is indeed a premium pass to buy anything: food,clothes,leisure. With over 5,500 stores that accept Sodexo, it is like having your real cash inside your wallet. Good deal. 

I tried this in 7 Eleven when I bought a Big Chuckie Choco Drink, in Wendy's yesterday when I had my date with my special friend, and in Watson's Pharmacy when I availed a Nivea Facial Wash. 

More establishments accept Sodexo:

Where Can You Get Sodexo?

You can get this through your company that offers reward program. This serves as  your spiff for your dedicated work in the office. Perks for good employees like you. 

Rating: 10/10