Friday, October 14, 2011

7 Days Slimming Coffee Brazillian

Name of the Product: 7 Days Slimming Coffee

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Packaging Information: 

7 Days Slimming Coffee is a new formula technology taste, natural and high in potency,pure natural and healthy green food,product recommended by most nutritionist. Slimming coffee is a fast acting,fat burning beverage,which is effective for weight loss with no side effect and dependency. It is one of the best seller brand with high reputation from its consumers.

  1. No taboos,no diet,no diarrhea
  2. Mainly decrease fats of the waist,legs,back and arms,will not pose a threat to the breast.
  3. Will not rebound
  4. Beauty corrected
  5. Natural materials,sate to drink
Main ingredients: Coffee and tea powder,garcinia cambogia (HCA) fruit and vegetable fiber,mineral and multi-vitamin. Gauranteed potency through 2 years

Health Function: slimming

Suit people: Simple fat, post natal period fat, puberty obesity, and for those who need to keep the body slender of shape, can be applied to stubborn obesity and repeatedly ineffective weight loss.

Standard: 12 bags x10 g
Price: 250.00 pesos

Caution: Not recommended for pregnant women and patients with serious illness

Usage and Indications: Mix one bag of slimming coffee with 6 to 8 ounces water. Drink 30 minutes before breakfast,drink more water for optimal results.

Manufacturer: American Kangmei Bioengineering (HK) Ltd

Review and Rating 

I took this for 7 days and I lose 1-2 lbs. 
I experienced palpitation, lose bowel movement and dizziness. 

I don't recommend this product because of that and not to mention, you can never tell what is fake and what is genuine. 4/10. 


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