Tuesday, May 17, 2011

VRub Herbal 15g

VRub Herbal is manufactured by Vera 7 strategic marketing corporation distributed by Vera 7 group consumers cooperative.

Indication: Effective relief for headache,stiif neck,rheumatism,backache,painful muscle and muscular disorder of common colds,itchiness and insect bites

Application: Vrub over the affected area and massage thoroughly

PRICE: 70.00 pesos.

I tried it in my muscle pain and it gives a quick relief. 

It is pricey for non members, so if you want to get it for only 30 pesos you have to sign up as a member. Good earning opportunity awaits you when you sell this product as you can earn as much as 30% for selling all the products of Vera 7 aside from this Vrub. 

My Ratings: 9/10 


  1. Hmm... I tried VRub when I had colds.. not really effective but can soothes, love the menthol