Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vera 7

Looking for a job or a business opportunity? No worries, I have something to offer today! Vera7

Vera 7 is a 100 % filipino owned company. The company offers health supplements for weight loss, cancer prevention, hair growth, beauty, etc. All the products are top quality thus it gives you repeat customers making your business grow in a short period of time. 

How to earn in Vera 7? Good thing about Vera 7 is, you can earn in 5 easy ways:

1. You can sell their products online or direct. The company will give you up to 50% commission when you sell the products. Your possible earnings per day when you sell 10 health supplements is 3,550 pesos. This is a big income compare to a regular office job right?

2. Direct Referral. When you refer friends to join Vera 7, the company will pay you 50 pesos. Imagine if you have 10 friends from facebook or twitter signed up as a member, you will earn 500 pesos that easy.

3. Indirect Referrals. When your friends refer friends and signed up as members, company will pay you 5 pesos to 20 pesos up to the 8th level. See illustration on your possible weekly income:

4. Points System. When you purchase products, you earn points, as well as your group purchases up to the 8th level. These points are converted to cash. See illustration below:

5. Pairing Bonus. Once you become a member, you will have your Group A on the left and Group B on the right. When the system detected the pairing match, you will get paid 270.00 pesos. See below how it works

How To Be A Member?

You can choose to have one account, three accounts and seven accounts in Vera 7. 

Sign up for One Head for only 770 pesos is the membership fee.You will get 750 pesos worth of health supplement, be eligible for 10k-100k accidental insurance, online business account, free iridology check up, free atm card from rcbc, free seminar and training. 

For one head your potential income per day is 1890 pesos.

But if you are really serious to do this business. It would be better to try getting a three heads or seven heads account. Same effort, refer friends and earn, sell products and earn, use products and earn. The only difference is, you earn more by getting multiple accounts. See how it works:

For three heads your potential income per day is 5670 pesos
For seven heads your potential income per day is 13,320 pesos

Vera 7 is a no scam business. Network marketing is legitimate, in fact Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad said that this business is the business of the 21st century. 

This business is for all walks of life, the potential to earn money is possible. When you work smart, you will be compensated the right way for your effort as compare to having a typical office job. 

Join Vera 7 Team Pro and get:

100 % Full time marketing support
Free Trainings, Tips and Techniques to Earn in Vera 7
Get Gauranteed Downlines Per Month:

If you sign up for 1 head you will get one 1 head member per month
If you sign up for 3 heads you will get two 3 head members per month
If you sign up for 7 heads you will get three 7 head members per month

There's no way for you not to earn in Vera 7. We are growing, we are getting bigger and better. Start today! Act today! It won't hurt your pocket to invest a little amount of money for a business like this. Vera 7 is truly profitable and worth your investment.

Interested to Join Vera 7 Contact Me at this number 09325242754 Marvin
I can accompany you to attend the free seminar in Dasma Cavite Branch, Imus Cavite Branch and at the head office in Pasay City. 


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