Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Redgage Visa Card

I now have the proof that Redgage is really a paying website. Yesterday, I got my redgage visa card in the mail that is loaded with $25.00 or around 1,000 in philippine peso. Here is the scanned copy of my visa card. Please understand that I need to cover the card number and of course my last name. For security reason you know.

So Redgage is really paying. Now it is your time to own this card as well. What are you waiting for, join Redgage now and enjoy the privelege of getting free money online.

How To Earn in Redgage?

  • Publish your original article
  • Upload a photo 
  • Share Links
  • Do this everyday and you will surely increase your earnings. As well as do drop a comment to other members' article so that you can also level up your page views. The more page views you get for your content, the more chance of earning.

The Reviewer's Rating 9/10

Redgage web-interface is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. However, there are times that the site is too slow to load. Recently, I cannot easily log in to the website because of bugs and other technical difficulties. On the other hand, the redgage admins are quick in responding to these problems. With the good opportunity of earning free cash in the internet and the not so complicated rules on how to make money from it, I give Redgage a 9/10 score.
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