Thursday, June 10, 2010

Write Share And Earn in Wikinut

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I found another place in the web ukisawhere I can enjoy writing and earn some cash. I feel generous to share with you the concept of  Wikinut get paid to write.

It is easy to earn in Wikinut as long as you enjoy writing articles like sharing tips and techniques, how to do or do it yourself articles, reviews, etc. You can write anything under the sun as long as it is valuable and comply with their terms and conditions. Anyway, the site has moderators to check your content. And yes, it so easy and you can earn a lifetime for your published articles, 50% of the generated ad revenue is a good deal, so what more can you ask for?

On top of the money you can earn from this site, they also give recognition to those members who contribute tons of articles. This is great, I love it when someone appreciates my work and Wikinut does.

I already joined different get paid to write websites like triond, hubpages, squidoo, redgage and reviewstream but I admit I am new to Wikinut and still familiarizing myself to the tools. But I am positive that I can show you payment proofs from Wikinut in the future. I challenge myself to focus on article writing, blogging and link building now as I continuously want to achieve my goal of earning residual income from the net.

I believe Wikinut and other of my article writing endeavors will succeed in the next few months. I can't wait to see myself earning more and more Paypal moneys and withdrawing it using my Unionbank Eon card.

Promise, I will keep you updated with Wikinut, sooner or later I will be posting my payment proofs here. But in the meantime lets all enjoy writing, sharing and earning in this get paid to write website Wikinut.

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