Thursday, May 27, 2010

Panteen Shampoo Hair Fall Control

I have tried different shampoo brands so I have many shampoo products that I can review. I am done reviewing Clear. Now I will talk about Pantene Shampoo. 

Pantene shampoo recently launch their t.v commercial focusing on giving us an idea that this shampoo can effectively control hair falls. Perhaps, this is the reason why I tried it. Who will not be fascinated to a product that was endorsed by famous celebrities? I admit, I am really thrilled. 

For almost a month, I tried buying daily sachets of Pantene even if it would cost me a lot. Yes, this shampoo is more pricey than other brands. But because of the media hype about this shampoo, I was convinced to try it thinking that it will be an effective preventive and cure to hair fall. But to my dismay, this shampoo is unsatisfactory. It does not give the benefit that I wanted, I have not seen any improvements on my hair. I remain having hair falls. Other than the fresh smell it gives to my hair I can see no other good remarks about this brand of shampoo. It seems every news that I heard about this shampoo is so overrated. 
So I discontinued using Pantene and switch to other brand of shampoo that is far effective than the first one. Hair Fall Control? Pantene Shampoo, think twice.

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