Wednesday, May 5, 2010

When I started blogging , one of the few important things that I kept in mind is how can I make my blog profitable. I studied and make my own research on what are the effective ways to monetize my blogs. That is when I discovered Infolinks.

Infolinks is an ad revenue program far different from google adsense. Instead of ad banners and text banners , infolinks introduces their innovative way of advertising. It is by in-text advertising. To explain briefly, this in text ads appear in your blog articles itself making you more chances to receive clicks and impressions which means money. In this blog, you may notice some dotted blue links here, that's an infolinks ads.

There are some reasons why I tried infolinks. One is, my blogs were easily get approved and begun running ads in just a few days after my blog acceptance. Secondly, it is easy to run your infolink ads in your blog. You just need to copy and paste in your blog an html code that infolinks will provide and you're good to go. Last but not the least, the earning potential with infolinks is comparable to google adsense. They pay a high rate per click and per ad impression. Hence, it will be easy to reach the $50.00 minimum payout. And receiving your earnings via paypal is a big bonus for publishers as well. In addition to that, you can also choose to have an infolinks mastercard to get your cashout.

I also love the fact that infolinks is diligent in launching contests giving away cash prizes, gadgets and freebies. The most recent that they had was the Review Infolinks and win a Google Nexus One.

I am new to infolinks, but I am sure that I will be getting a decent income from here now that my blogs have a steady high traffic and loyal readers as well. For bloggers like me, I highly recommend you to run infolink ads in your blog and see for yourself the possibility of earning residual income from in-text advertising.


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