Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cherifer Syrup

5 years ago, my young sibling who was 10 years old that time wasn't tall compare to me when I was on his age. He is too sporty, he has a lot of outdoor activities but not eating healthy foods, he wasn't a malnourished though but as I noticed that for a 10 year old kid, he must be taller than his height. I asked my mom to buy healthy fruits and vegetables to help my young sibling in his growth development. Until I saw a t.v commercial about Cherifer, a syrup that has a powerful substance Cholerella that helps a child in his growth developmental stage.

Cherifer is new to market that time, thus I rarely read testimonials that it is really effective. I also don't have colleagues who can testify that this is not another overrated brand. So I guess, my try to use Cherifer for my young sibling is purely a challenge. Nonetheless, I gave Cherifer a try to help in my young sibling's nutrition even though its too costly. For five years, my young sibling had this fruity flavored syrup, and yes I noticed some improvement on him. Particularly on his eating and sleeping habits. I must say that by taking Cherifer, he is now healthier. My sibling is already in his teenage years and believe it or not he grew taller than I expected. he's 5'9, and yes 2 inch taller than me.

Vitamins for the growth development of your kiddo ? Cherifer Syrup, I highly recommend it.

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