Thursday, May 27, 2010

Aquafresh ISO Active Toothpaste

 This Aquafresh ISO Active Toothpaste is really not my regular toothpaste but I had a chance to try it once when I visited my Aunt's house. That is the first and the last that I tried using this toothpaste brand. It is not because that I am not impress, its just because I rarely find it in the groceries near my place.

More on the product itself, it has a unique container similar to a shaving cream, when you first see the packaging, you may not immediately identify that this is a toothpaste brand. However the container has some disadvantage, you can't see or feel when it will be emptied. 

Regarding the taste, it is minty actually so it brings real cooling effect leaving your mouth fresh. The gel that turns into foams really whitens the teeth amazingly.

Aquafresh ISO Active Toothpaste is not a well known brand in the Philippines. This maybe because it is a little bit pricy as compare to leading brands as told by my aunt. Well, with the effectiveness, I must say, it is worth it to use this product and I highly recommend this.

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