Thursday, April 8, 2010

What Can You Say About Minute Burger ?

Minute Burger is a popular burger chain in the Philippines, the first to offer Buy 1 Take 1 burgers for a low price. But is it as yummy as Jollibee or Mcdo burgers? Read. 

I tried to eat there once and I can say that the burger patties are yummy. It is far better than Angel's Burger. I also like the ice choco they offer for only  20 pesos. It is really a good combination of a value burger meal. With regard to customer service, well it is a good idea that the customers see how they prepare the burgers. I also like the neatness of the service crews, they wear hairnets and apron. They also has a fast service that can accomodate 10 customers in less than 15 minutes. 

Just one thing I notice, the service crews lack customer engagement. It would be better if they are also trained to give a warm welcome to their customers. A simple greeting or a nice smile will do.  I believe that this can generate more customers for them overtime. 

But since the burger is a great try and is very affordable. I will still give Minute Burger a two thumbs up.

By the way, Minute Burger is now open for franchise. You may phone  776 - 7339 for details.



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